10 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android Phones

If you’re looking for the best photo editing apps for your Android phone, you’ll be glad you landed on this page.

It’s no denying that smartphones have gone really smart these days and they can do amazing things. From having the capacity to charge wirelessly to being able to be fully submerged into water without causing any issues for the device, thanks to the IP68 rating and more.

Another impressive feat we need to mention and infact is the most reason we are here would be about smartphone cameras. Most high even mid-range devices these days have amazing camera functionalities that could even compete with DSLR’s are shooting.

Now if photography is your thing or you’re the type that takes selfies a lot, asides from taking beautiful photos with your android phone, third-party photo-editing apps also help tweak and edit those photos making them look better.

Here today, we’re sharing the 10 best photo-editing apps for android that are mostly free and you’ll definitely love them.

If you haven’t had a feel of what these photo-editing apps can do, you’re about to be amazed. One of them can transform your photo totally turning it into one of those fancy looking high-quality expensive arts. Let’s get to it.

Note: The apps on this list are listed in no particular order.

1. Snapseed

snapseed photo editing android apps
Image: 9to5Google

This photo-editing app is owned by Google. Talk about ability and filters all laid out on a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, Snapseed meets that description.

If your serious about photo-editing on mobile then Snapseed is one app you should definitely try.

Not a photo-editing tool with few clicks and there comes the result (not in all cases), in fact, you have to use the tool for a while to be familiar with the interface.

Assuming you’re familiar with the photo editing world you will find tools like Spur Repair, Brush, Zoom Controls and Lens Blur which are all available in Snapseed’s latest update leaving anyone with little or nothing more to ask for.

2. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

This is not a free photo editor application, it has a $9.99 price tag on it.

Is it worth paying for? Absolutely.

Popular and well-known photo-editing app and definitely one of the best. Comes with everything basic as you’d expect from a typical photo-editing app and more.

The app allows you to improve your photos with a significant amount of effects. It has a lot of filters with an easy-to-use interface.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

We all know the popular photo-editing app for PC called Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Express comes with a lot of tools and features from its parent PC app giving users great controls and options.

To add to the good, the photo-editing app is without in-app purchase. All you have to do is sign up to own a free Adobe account.

Adobe photoshop express brings all the features available on the desktop app right to your phone enabling you to touch and retouch photos on the fly. Created by the Adobe team, the name speaks for itself and it’s certainly earned its place among the best photo editing apps for Android phones.


vsco editing app
Image: iPhone Photography School

VSCO android app helps you shoot and edit images with amazing inbuilt presets that are inspired from things like films to advanced camera controls.

There’s more to filters found on this app as they seem to do more than change the temperature and color of your photo but understand what’s more fitting to a different part of your photo and applies it.

Photos edited with this app can be easily posted on social media following the built-in social feature.

5. Prisma

prisma image editor
Image: 9to5mac

When Prisma first came out, it went viral, remember when we mentioned the fact that one of these photo editing apps can transform your photos to a stunning art/painting like material. Yes, Prisma is the one to do that and ontop that? It’s free to download.

The Prisma app is a very good free tool with really good editing tools. It allows you to adjust filters strength and also use multiple effects, all of these packed in a simple interface.

The filters are easy to apply and within a couple of minutes, your edited photos are ready.

6. Visage Lab

visage lab app

Want to do real professional face retouch? You may want to try out this one.

The visage lab app goes well for social media photos allowing you a few tweak and touches before uploading them on your social media handles.

You can do a lot to your face using Visage, some of the things you could do are whitening your teeth, clear pimples and increase the overall brightness of the photo.

7. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch photo editing app addresses a particular angle when it comes to editing photos on your Android smartphone.

This app lets you remove a lot of unwanted aspect of your photo you don’t want. It could be an object in the background that you don’t like. All of this coupled with all the basic features of a photo-editing app.

If you want to make photos better, this one is worth checking out.

7. PicsArt

picsart android app

Everybody should have PicsArt on their phone. One of the first photo-editing app and also one of the best out there with downloads running into hundreds of millions.

It gives you an option to draw a diagram on your photos coupled with more than 90 editing tools in the app. PicsArt helps make your pictures awesome. With PicsArt you can add a background or change your picture backgrounds, make beautiful collages quickly, draw stuff and even gain access to free photos and more.

It does come for free but with the gold version, you can do much more. Luckily? It’s very cheap. You can get the app for $5.99.

9. Photo Effect Pro

Another free editor on our list with a premium feel. It gives users the ability to add a photo to another photo, also with stickers ad even more.

More than 40 filters are available for use by users.

10. LightX Photo Editor

light x photo editor
Image: Android App Review submission

LightX photo editor is quite new in the market but promising enough to be added on our list.

The app makes it possible to merge photos, change the background and improve color. You can also reshape your photo as you want. Just like PicsArt but you may prefer it to PicsArt due to it’s simple to use UX and you get more features available to you for free.

Wrapping it up

If you’re on a budget then choosing a free photo-editing tool would be the best option as some of the free tools are really good. It may take some time to get familiar with a tool but in no time of frequent usage, one should be used to it.

In general, these photo editing apps should serve you well till you’re able to upgrade to something paid, better if not then you could as well just stick to your free favorite apps.

If you’ve made use of a really cool photo-editing app for android that’s not on our list let us know using the comment section.

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