10 Best iPhone Puzzle Games For Your IOS Device

Looking to download a couple, scratch that, the best puzzle games for your iPhone? You’ll love the games listed on this post. Puzzle games for your IOS device can deliver fun and some mind-blowing brain tasking excitement.

Puzzle games could be extremely simple or super complex. These games have the power of engaging the players while at the same time entertainment-oriented.

Puzzle games can be fun and you’re right to want to have a couple of them on your iPhone.

Most of the time, the gamer of the puzzle games fail to progress to the next round and this could be frustrating, leading to dropping the games with annoyance but you are sure going to go back for more because there is always the force of attraction between the gamer and a well-crafted puzzle games.

What Are The Best FREE iPhone Puzzle Games?

Puzzle games are worth playing at your leisure time, and care must be taken not to get extremely addictive to these puzzle games for your IOS device because it can get you knocked off a plane, miss important business appointments and even interfere with your dreams/sleep.

The following puzzle games for your IOS device are the hottest and the most exciting, let’s go check them out.

1. Infinite West

This is a strategy game that has a feeling of playing chess. The game is on a small 7 by 7 grid. The hero is surrounded by enemies. The hero supplies explosive barrel from the various end of the game board. The target at each level is to eliminate all the enemies before they kill you. The enemies have a diverse attack pattern.

Every level starts with three (3) lives, so, your movement around the board must be well coordinated to stay out of the enemy fire. The Hero is expected to think ahead of their movement as well as that of the enemy. This thinking is similar to that used in a chess game. You will move to the next level when you can take out your enemy at the previous level.

At each level, the challenge becomes more complex, which means you have carefully strategized to attack, move, reinforces or just wait. The game is not free- the first seven (7) levels are played free after this, you can decide whether you want to return or not. I recommend to lovers of strategic, turn-based game players

Download Infinite West From The App Store

2. It’s Full Of Sparks (Puzzle)

Fans will love this game because it is full of sparks. It is a new IOS puzzle game. A spunky little firecracker who is living a free life, suddenly realizes her fuse will soon burn out and she will explode.

Desperate to make something out of her life, the little firecracker starts a journey to look for the old one; this little spunky firecracker must pass through various levels laden with obstacles, the puzzle to unravel before jumping into the water which will save her fuse, then moves to the next level.

The firecracker now comes with special glasses to reveal a stature, where obstacles that exist without the glass disappear and vice versa. There is some level of urgency to unravel the puzzle before your fuse runs out because every level is time-based. You have 15 firecrackers to work with when one explodes, another takes over with the hope of completing the task.

Download It’s Full of Sparks From The App Store

3. Piano Tiles 2

piano tiles 2
Image: Codester.com

This game helps to boost your visual memory with tile. It is one of the simplest puzzle games which makes it an attraction to a gamer. Game is on a 5 by 5 grid. One of the best things about this game is that you get to make music as you play it. Just don’t tap the white tile.

It contains several squares that are lit green and contain contains a specific number. Only 3 squares are lit at the beginning and labelled 1, 2, and 3. You will study the position of the square before they disappear.

To complete the level, the gamer will be required to tap in the correct number sequence, in the same spaces where the numbers were before. If correct, you proceed to the next level. If you fail, a game will end and your stats displayed. It is quite a simple puzzle game.

Download Piano Tiles 2

4. Hitman Go

This is a turn-based strategy puzzle game. A gamer must use different tools of spy to move around the board in other to avoid unwarranted attention from the others on the board. A gamer must devise a strategy and experience in bringing down guards. Each level features different solutions to the challenge.

Download Hitman Go

5. Cut the Rope HD

Cut the rope sound easy right? Not at all, it makes the cutting of rope more challenging, by adding barriers and obstacles. The rope must be cut at the right time and place in other to make a delivery of candy to the cute little monster.

Download Cut The Rope

6. Broken Age

This is a story based graphics adventure game. It is the story of two teenagers in similar situations living in a different world. The gamer switches between these two teenagers to help them through adventures. It has a wonderful and loving soundtrack.

Download Broken Age

7. Mini Metro

This game will allow you to design and create your subway station. It is filled with fun. Simple designs but complex in its mind-boggling puzzle.

Download Mini Metro

8. Prune

This game helps you relax and unwind after a stressful day. The gamer is required to cut trees in different patterns to reach the sun, while at the same time avoiding dangers along their path.

Download Prune

9. Ultra Flower 2

The simplicity of this game is its greatest strength. The game is filled with fun, also has an engaging soundtrack. It focuses on your ability to concentrate (hand-eye) coordination than brainpower. It is really not an easy game, tasks the mind and also you are never stocked at a spot.

Download Ultra Flower 2

10. Download Momentum Valley

The gamer manipulates crazy impossible architectures to lead a princess through different monuments. Hidden paths make this game a bit difficult which will keep you guessing at every spot.

Download Momentum Valley 


Often time, a gamer get gratified /rewarded when they get solutions to some of the problems they encountered in the puzzle games. On the other hand, when you don’t win, you convince yourself to try harder with just one more trial. This going back and forth fun distractions could lead to loss of all your free time.

These iPhone puzzle game should do it for you. Should we have listed anyone you’ve played in the past? Please post it in the comment section below so we can check it out as well.

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