10 IOS And Android Apps That Will Make You Smarter

If you find yourself spending a lot of time using your smartphone these days, you are not alone. According to Tech Jury, there are over over 2.7 billion smartphone users in the world and 66% of those smartphone users are addicted to their phones.

Are you one of the 66%? No judgement, at least you’re on a quest to know how your phone can increase your knowledge and help you become more aware of things.

The quest for knowledge and curiosity to know more than we already do seems to be a common trait in humans. For example hundreds of years ago, we didn’t know what mars looked like but thanks to NASA? There is footage everywhere giving us a raw unfiltered view of the red planet and what it looks like.

That asides, with these brain stimulating, innovative apps on your Android or iPhone, you’ll be able to stay on top of things, know what’s going on around you and take tests that gear towards sharpening your mind.

While you’ll find most of these apps on your device’s official app store, a couple of them may not be entirely free. Some are freemium and some you may have to pay to use them while others are entirely free.

Eitherways you’re in for a treat with these apps. Let’s get started.

1. Quick Brain

Quick Brain is first on our list of the brain-stimulating apps that deserves a mention. This application develops logical thinking through mathematics, and also leads to the development of skills in this area.

Their purpose is to solve mathematical tasks – addition, subtraction, division and multiplication – as quickly as possible. One of the app’s appeals is that the response time is limited, which stimulates the mind to work much faster, seeking to be more efficient.

Download Quick Brain for Android // IOS

2. The CNN App

the cnn ios app
Image: CNN

Knowledge is power. Information is power. On a quest to be a smarter human being, you’ll have to at least know what’s going on around you and generally the world at large and for this? The CNN app could actually come in handy.

CNN is a media company that was founded by Ted Turner as a 24-hour cable news channel that has evolved in many ways over the years. They have a 24/7 YouTube channel you can stay hooked to and app that updates you on the latest. The CNN app is free to download and use.

In the event that you’re not able to get your hands on the physical edition or no time to sit in front of the TV to see what’s happening, Spend a couple of minutes browsing through the to learn more on what’s going on around you.

Download Quick Brain for Android // IOS

3. Fit Brains Trainer

Lets continue this article with a brain trainer of some sort shall we?

One of the most famous apps for brain exercise is The Fit Brains Trainer App. It offers six types of games that can be played on three different difficulty levels. Game? Are you surprised?

It is considered a complete game because it stimulates different areas such as focus, reasoning, memory, speed and many others. The app also shows the progress of each player as well as compares their performance with the same-sex and age. It is available for iOS and Android.

Download Quick Brain for Android // IOS

4. Quora

quora app
Image: Apple App Store

Quora is a very popular online community where people ask questions and get answers to them.

Quora has over 600 million users that share everything from technical experience based answers to life lessons, health hacks and more. To top it up? Anything you can think to ask or are curious about, you can ask on this platform and expect sound answer(s).

It is not just a place where random people go to get answers to stuff, top performers, CEOs also use Quora to answer questions and share their knowledge. You may take advantage of this opportunity to connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers to network with and pick their brains.

Asides all these said, by being a robust platform, you don’t even know you want or need answers to somethings until you browse through Quora and spot questions you’ve also had running through your mind answered effectively.

There’s a category for everything and answers for everyone on this platform. Now Quora wasn’t built for mobile per say but just like every other community that started as an online platform, you can get the app free on your respective app stores today.

Set some time apart for Quora, browse trending questions and through the most helpful answers, join the community and participate then watch your knowledge on a couple of things you follow on Quora take off.

Download Quick Brain for Android // IOS

5. Yellow and Red

You can just slam the whole brain stimulating app phrase and use it to describe this app.

Yellow and Red has 50 puzzles of each colour (red and yellow) and aim to paint the entire canvas of the chosen colour. That is, with each successful puzzle resolution, a piece of screen is painted.

Its great advantage is that the difficulty level is random, that is, one puzzle may be easy to solve, but the next not so easy. In addition, the interface of the games are minimalistic, which helps keep the focus of who is playing and helps sharpen the mind.

Download Quick Brain for Android // IOS

6. Curiosity Stream

curiositystream app
Image: CuriosityStream.com

CuriosityStream is more than an app.

Infact it is one of the most interesting platforms listed here in this post. This app helps you stay curious and helps you want to learn more about things, to put it this way, CuriosityStream helps you watch documentaries online at your own convenience.

If you’re the sci-fi, science type and love watching videos and documentaries, you’ll love CuriosityStream cause that’s what the platform is all about.

Now when we say this one is more than just an app, Curiosity is available on many other platforms like apple TV, Amazon fire TV, chromecast, Xbox, ROKU and other mediums.

You can watch CuriosityStream on mobile, tablet, computer, and TV.

You can watch Amazing award-winning documentaries with CuriosityStream. Only drawback? It’s not free but good news? It’s ridiculously cheap and offers insane value. You can opt-in for the 7-day free trial to get a feel of what you’ll be paying for.

Download CuriosityStream for Android // IOS

7. Encyclopedia

When you hear the word Encyclopedia, what comes to your mind. A book that’s 100 times bigger than a dictionary? You’re probably right but what you may not know is that these days everything’s in an app these days and guess available for you to download right on your mobile phone.

You guessed right. The mobile encyclopedia app.

Every now and then it’s good practice to open up your encyclopedia app to catch up on a few things and their origin. You can open it quickly too when you’re having a discussion and a term you’re not familiar with comes up.

It will definitely come in handy if you have this app on your phone.

Download Encyclopedia for Android // IOS

8. Contre Jour

Contre Jour (French origin) was created in puzzle style and had a very different proposal from other traditional games. Instead of controlling the protagonist, you are responsible for creating changes in the scenario so that the character can reach the various elements that are in it.

Blurring the lines between games and interactive art and the developers have done a great job in making this app. How to play? In the editors words:

Tap and drag on the dreamlike terrain of a twilight fantasy land to roll, swing, and teleport an expressive one-eyed creature to safety.

In addition, the game has a very good visual and sound part that helps grab the user’s attention. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Download Contre Jour for Android // IOS

9. Twitter

twitter app

Surprised? Don’t be. Studies shows that 75% twitter users are 45% more intelligent compared to normal users of other platform.

Depends on then type of company you keep on Twitter, you are exposed to different things, trending updates and most importantly, crucial information that may help you develop this all round smartness.

Over 350 million people actively use Twitter every month to share moment and keep up with their favourite celebs, influencers and things in general. You could use it for good by following the brightest minds and learning from their updates.

Chances are that you already have Twitter on your device but may not use it as often, you may want to.

Download Quick Brain for Android // IOS

10. Peak

Last but not least on our list of apps that will make you smarter is Peak.

Peak offers brain games and training. With it, you can choose which skill you want to develop: Focus, memory, troubleshooting, agility, and even language. Best part? It’s free to download and put on your mobile phone.

One of its differentials is to provide detailed player performance analysis with brain map capabilities and data and graph visualisations. You can find it on both Android and iOS.

Download Peak for Android // IOS

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