Alternatives to Uber: 5 Taxi Apps Like Uber In 2019

Looking for taxi apps like Uber that would serve you? We’ve got you covered.

Right from the ancient time, humans have sort to ease their transportation from place to place using conventional means, and this took us into the advent of cars and vehicles.

On the other hand, buying a car was beyond the reach of so many at that time, and this further gave rise to the public service transport system. As technology advances, people needed a system to move them faster than they have moved and also at a minimal cost.

However, several brainstorming gave birth to Uber.

An application that enables you to call a cab and at a minimal cost. Further, Uber dominated the market sphere but suddenly, it began to drop in patronage due to bad reviews from customers.

This inefficiency of Uber gave rise to other alternatives to Uber. This article will focus on 5 taxi apps like Uber that would serve you and serves as well as Uber if not more but that is subject to your experience now isn’t it, Let’s get started.

1. Gett (previously known as GETT TAXI)

Apps like uber
Image: Inhabitat

This Israel-based taxi app is one of the fasted growing Uber alternative taxi apps in the United States of America. Gett came into the market at a time when Uber was raising fares to cover up for their losses.

Gett came and lowered their ride fares, and this made them acquired a better portion of the taxi apps market space at that time. In Gett, it is believed that if you treat drivers better, they will treat drivers better.

They have a superb 24×7 customer service helpdesk that will come to your rescue at all times. There is also a booking option of up to 2weeks at Gett. The Gett service operates in Israel, Moscow, USA, and London. They also regularly offer promotional deals to passengers via their Gett mobile app.

Download the Gett app here.

2. Lyft

lyft app
Image: The Verge

Lyft is an alternative to Uber. It dominates across over 65 cities in the United States of America. Lyft is the strongest Uber competitor at the moment in the US. In terms of safety of the passengers, lyft does a thorough background check of intending drivers before their admittance into the system.

A study once carried out in the US shows that lyft passengers stay 6 seconds longer than Uber passengers, so, there is little or no difference.

The lyft app allows a passenger to track the driver’s details and their driving route as well.

Packages available on lyft include:

  1. Lyft seats up to 4 passengers
  2. Lyft XL seats up to 6 passengers, it uses an SUV or a minivan
  3. Lyft shared. As the name implies, it is the most cost-friendly lyft service. Here, you can share your fare with other passengers by carpooling towards the common route.
  4. Lyft lux uses sedan, it seats 4 passengers
  5. Lyft black. This is the most expensive of all the ride packages. It offers top-rated drivers and also offer luxury SUV and sedan.

Download the Lyft app here.

3. Bolt (Taxify)

bolt app formerly taxify
Image: Taxify

Bolt, formerly Taxify is one of Uber’s biggest if not the biggest competitor at the moment with presence in most countries, even Nigeria included. It is one of the best alternatives to uber.

This is an Estonian transport network system with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. It operates the bolt mobile application, this allows people to request a taxi or private driver from their Smartphone. There are over 500,000 drivers and about 25 million customers globally on the bolt platform

It offers riders the option of paying either through credit card, or cash before they can use the service. There is a serious criminal background check and in-person training for drivers before they can be admitted.

Drivers must be 21years of age and must have had their driver’s license for over 3years before coming on-board. In Nigeria, it works with the Lagos state emergency response agency, where passengers can send real-time emergency SOS alerts from the app.

At the moment, cities where it operates in Nigeria, are Abuja, Benin-city, Ibadan, Lagos, Owerri, Uyo, and Calabar.

Download the Bolt (Taxify) app here.

4. Gokada (Bikes, Only In Nigeria)

gokada app
Image: Gokada NG

Gokada is a motorbike hailing transport system with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. Here, passengers can order for a ride on a motorbike by using the company’s geo-location-based Smartphone

The payment is cash only for now. Passengers need to download the mobile app either through IOS or Android devices, sign up, enter their mobile number, their pick up location, and then request a ride from a nearby driver.

Once confirmed, the app displays the driver’s name, photo, and details of the bike. Then the driver calls to confirm request and destination. Every Gokada driver is a licensed operator.

Download the Gokada app here.

5. Grab

grab taxi apps
Image: Vulcan Post

This transport network company has its origin in Malaysia and now based in Singapore. The mobile app works by assigning taxis and private hire cars to nearby commuters through the location-sharing system.

The users’ key in their destination and the app will search for nearby taxicabs or private hire cars. Taxi can also be booked 7 days in advance. You choose a starting point, drop-off point, time, and choose whether your trip is a personal or business trip.

Benefit on Grab include, insured drivers, easy bookings, driver’s rating, and confirmed waiting time. Grab operates in Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam

Download the Grab app here.


If you want to get from point A to Point B and you don’t feel like calling a Uber then you can hop on one of these uber sweet alternatives. Our favourite alternative? Bolt.

Let’s know yours in the comment section!

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